Norwegian TV channels
The list of Norwegian TV channels is based upon information from NRK, TV 2, Kantar TNS Norway and the Norwegian Media Businesses' Association (MBL).

A Norwegian channel is defined as a channel that specifically targets a Norwegian audience and where the main language is Norwegian. A nationwide channel is a channel whose signal can be received virtually throughout the whole country. Some nationwide channels may only reach a minor part of the population but can potentially be accessed by a majority, depending on cable or satellite subscription.

Distribution: C = Cabel, S = Satellite, DTT = Digital terrestrial television.

Norwegian TV channels 2017

Coverage Channel Major
Financing Penetration
Distribution Startup  
Nationwide NRK1 State Licence 96 C/S/DTT 1960  
  NRK2 State Licence 96 C/S/DTT 1996  
  NRK3/Super State Licence 95 C/S/DTT 2007  
  TV 2 Egmont Commercials 93 C/S/DTT 1992  
  TV 2 Zebra Egmont Commercials 82 C/S/DTT 2004  
  TV 2 Nyhetskanalen Egmont Subscription 85 C/S/DTT 2007  
  TV 2 Sportskanalen Egmont Commercials 67 C/S/DTT 2007  
  TV 2 Livsstil Egmont Commercials 61 C/S/DTT 2015  
  TV 2 Sport Premium Egmont Subscription - C/S/DTT 2010  
  TV 2 Humor Egmont Commercials 60 C/S/DTT 2015  
  C More Fotball Egmont Subscription - C/S/DTT 2013  
  TVNorge Discovery Communications Commercials 87 C/S/DTT 1988  
  Fem Discovery Communications Commercials 68 C/S/DTT 2007  
  Max Discovery Communications Commercials 71 C/S/DTT 2010  
  Vox Discovery Communications Commercials 62 C/S/DTT 2012  
  Eurosport Norway Discovery Communications Commercials 42 C/S/DTT 2015  
  TV3 MTG Commercials 83 C/S/DTT 1988  
  Viasat 4 MTG Commercials 66 C/S/DTT 2007  
  TV6 MTG Commercials 47 C/S/DTT 2013  
  Viasat Sport MTG Subscription - C/S 2008  
  Viasat Fotball MTG Subscription - C/S 2009  
  The Free Channel Non-profit organizations Government subsidy/membership fee - DTT 2009  
  TV Visjon Norge Visjonskirken (rel. org.) Gifts - C/S/DTT 2010  
  Fatstone Grafo, A J Vagle, Loraks Media Commercials - C 2013  
  VG Schibsted Commercials - C/S 2014  
  Matkanalen Øivind Lindøe and Caiano Eiendom AS Commercials - C/S 2015  
Local 9 local
TV channels
Various Commercials - DTT From 1982  
Regional NRK's 12
State Licence - C/S/DTT From 1985  

Television broadcasts for the Sami population are included in NRK's regional transmissions.

For a couple of channels 'startup' refers to the year we started to consider the channel as Norwegian, or the year a Norwegian channel became universally accessible.

Number of local TV channels is based on information from the Norwegian Media Authority and only includes digital terrestrial television channels. Data applies to the previous year or the latest data available. Local TV channels broadcast on cable or web are not included.

When using data from this database please refer to medianorway as well as the original source of the statistics.

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