Number of Norwegian TV channels
This overview presents the number of nationwide, regional, and local TV channels in Norway since 1980. Information about local television channels is provided by the Norwegian Media Authority, which is responsible for administration of licenses to local broadcasting. Local generalist channels only include channels transmitted in the terrestrial network.

Number of Norwegian nationwide, regional and local TV channels 1980 - 2015

Local generalist channels--366170846265646530302928 
Other local channels---4236373936373822232729 

Local generalist channels26272623232323242115711181598 
Other local channels33333030141411--------- 

A nationwide channel is a channel that is available in the Norwegian language throughout major parts of the country. Channels targeting a Nordic audience are not included.

Regional channels consist of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's regional broadcasts.

Number of local generalist channels includes all such channels operating at the end of each year and include channels that are transmitted in the terrestrial network only. The regulation scheme for local television was changed with the digitalisation of terrestrial television (2009). In addition to a license from the Media Authority, channels need a contract with the distribution company RiksTV in order to transmit in the digital terrestrial network. From 2009 onwards, the number of local generalist channels is based on licensees that have submitted annual reports to the Media Authority, and the number refers to the end of each year.

Decrease in number of 'Other local' TV channels in 2004 is a result of change in regulation, as transmissions in local cable networks no longer require a licence. From 2004 onwards the category 'Other local' consists of licences to local transmissions in NRK2's analogue network only.

There are no categorisation of local channels in 1988. In 1996, new and fewer regions for generalist local television were established, with only one licence in each region. In the same year, licences for transmissions in NRK2's distribution network were made available for NGOs and religious organisations. Together with licences for transmissions in local cable networks, these constitute the category 'Other local channels' in the result table.

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