Norwegian newspapers with largest circulation decline
Circulation and development for the ten Norwegian newspapers with largest decline in circulation each year are based on circulation figures from the Norwegian Media Businesses' Association (MBL) which organizes the majority of newspapers in Norway. MBL publishes annual statistics based on audited reports from member newspapers.

In 2014 Norwegian newspapers changed the way average circulation is calculated. While circulation figures until 2014 were based on sale of print editions, they now include both print and digital editions. Subcscriptions to both editions count as one

The list includes member newspapers of MBL only. Many smaller, non-daily newspapers in Norway are organised in the Association of Local Newspapers (LLA).
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Newspapers with largest decline in circulation 2016

2016 Circulation Change in
no. of copies
VG 96 988 -15 728  
Budstikka 18 496 -1 527  
Aftenposten 210 472 -1 297  
Hamar Arbeiderblad 20 728 -1 167  
Bergens Tidende 69 067 -1 153  
Trønder-Avisa 18 024 -1 054  
Varden 18 452 - 984  
Haugesunds Avis 19 713 - 963  
Adresseavisen 60 653 - 929  
Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen 20 612 - 826  

Until 2014 data are based on print circulation. 2014 onwards net total circulation is used, which is a combination of print and digital circurculation.

Includes members of MBL only. Change compared to previous year.

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