Ten smallest Norwegian print newspapers
Below you can find circulation data and annual circulation change for the ten smallest print newspapers in Norway each year. The information is based on circulation figures from the Norwegian Media Businesses' Association (MBL) and the Association of Local Newspapers (LLA), as well as on the annual report 'Avisåret', written by media researcher Sigurd Høst.

Only newspapers with minimum one issue a week are included.
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Ten smallest newspapers in Norway 2016

2016 Circulation Change in
no. of copies
Østerdølen 806 96  
Meråkerposten 1 005 - 35  
Yderst 1 014 9  
Ávvir 1 031 - 2  
Hålogaland Avis 1 055 - 335  
Klæbuposten 1 056 - 61  
Arendals Tidende 1 089 - 388  
Finnmarksposten 1 176 33  
SortlandsAvisa 1 204 - 71  
Åmli Avisa 1 215 - 14  

From 2014 onwards circulation data is stated in a new way, given as print circulation, digital circulation and net total. As print circulation previous years includes a minor share of electronic newspaper sale (1-2 per cent), which from 2014 is included in digital newspaper circulation, circulation change 2014 will not be published.

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