Print newspaper readership by type of newspaper read
Statistics Norway has been conducting annual surveys of media use since 1991 (with the execption of 1993). The surveys are financed mainly by the Ministry of Culture. The objective is to map the Norwegian population's use of different mass media.

Below you can find survey results documenting print newspaper readership the average day, by type of newspaper read. From 1995 and onwards data can be broken down by sex, age and education. Results are given as share of population.
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Readership by type of print newspaper read (share of population)

Oslo paper
1991All (9-79 years)6434209  
1992All (9-79 years)6136179  
1994All (9-79 years)62382110  
1995All (9-79 years)59352210  
1996All (9-79 years)57332311  
1997All (9-79 years)57322413  
1998All (9-79 years)58322112  
1999All (9-79 years)56332112  
2000All (9-79 years)54321911  
2001All (9-79 years)54331910  
2002All (9-79 years)52332011  
2003All (9-79 years)52311811  
2004All (9-79 years)51301611  
2005All (9-79 years)50291811  
2006All (9-79 years)49272011  
2007All (9-79 years)48251710  
2008All (9-79 years)46221910  
2009All (9-79 years)44201910  
2010All (9-79 years)42171811  
2011All (9-79 years)40151813  
2012All (9-79 years)34161610  
2013All (9-79 years)32131610  
2014All (9-79 years)31111211  
2015All (9-79 years)269129  
2016All (9-79 years)227129  
2017All (9-79 years)19497  
2018All (9-79 years)194106  

Distribution by education covers age group 16-79 years.

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