Print newspaper readership by number of newspapers read
Statistics Norway has been conducting annual surveys of media use since 1991 (with the execption of 1993). The objective is to map the Norwegian population's use of different types of media. The surveys are financed mainly by the Ministry of Culture.

Below you can find survey results documenting print newspaper readership the average day, by number of newpapers read. Data can be broken down by sex, age and education, and are given as share of population.
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Readership by number of print newspapers read (share of population)

YearAllNo paper1 paper2 papers3 or
more papers
1991All (9-79 years)16343020  
1992All (9-79 years)16353019  
1994All (9-79 years)15363020  
1995All (9-79 years)16363118  
1996All (9-79 years)18373016  
1997All (9-79 years)16382917  
1998All (9-79 years)19382717  
1999All (9-79 years)19372716  
2000All (9-79 years)23352616  
2001All (9-79 years)22352914  
2002All (9-79 years)23362516  
2003All (9-79 years)23382513  
2004All (9-79 years)25372414  
2005All (9-79 years)26362413  
2006All (9-79 years)26392411  
2007All (9-79 years)28402210  
2008All (9-79 years)32362111  
2009All (9-79 years)3534209  
2010All (9-79 years)3638189  
2011All (9-79 years)3737198  
2012All (9-79 years)4529187  
2013All (9-79 years)4929157  
2014All (9-79 years)5129146  
2015All (9-79 years)5825125  
2016All (9-79 years)612595  
2017All (9-79 years)682283  
2018All (9-79 years)702083  

Distribution by education covers age group 16-79 years.

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